Check Point IPS/Anti-Virus/Anti-Bot Immersion Training R81.20

by Timothy C. Hall

Check Point Instructor and Author of Book "Max Power 2020: Check Point Firewall Performance Optimization"

A Self-paced Lecture-based Video Course

(Note that this material can also be delivered as a live, private online class [with full lab exercises executed by attendees] taught by course author Timothy Hall for a minimum of 5 attendees; please contact us for a quote if interested)

Release date: May 11, 2023

Total Video Length: 13.5 hours (Lectures 10 hours, Recorded Labs 3.5 hours)

(All recorded videos are new for the R81.20 update)

Total PDF Course Book Length: 421 pages
IPS/AV/ABOT Versions Covered: R81.20, R81.10, R81, R80.40

Video Format: DRM-free mp4 (H.264 - MPEG 4)

Video Resolution: FullHD (1920x1080)

Language: English

Prerequisites: CCSA Certification or Equivalent Experience

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Finally a comprehensive course that gives you everything needed to properly configure and utilize the Threat Prevention Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Anti-Virus and Anti-Bot blades on your Check Point R81.20 and earlier gateways!  Through a combination of recorded lecture segments and real-world lab exercises, one of the most experienced and knowledgeable Check Point instructors in the world takes you step by step through efficiently configuring and tuning what may at first seem to be a truly overwhelming number of protections.  Each lecture segment that provides the theory and best practices for IPS/AV/ABOT configuration is followed up by a relevant, real-world lab exercise performed in the Shadow Peak training lab environment.  

This course will provide everything you need to configure a brand-new IPS/AV/ABOT configuration from scratch on a production on a R81.20 or earlier gateway, or clean up an existing IPS/AV/ABOT configuration that may not have been kept up to date.   This course will also provide new advanced real-world tips, tricks, and gateway IPS/AV/ABOT performance optimization strategies even for seasoned Check Point veterans who are intimately familiar with these Threat Prevention features.

You will learn about:

  • Crash Course: The Basics of Check Point Objects, Policies & Logging (optional)
  • History of IDS/SmartDefense/IPS/AV/ABOT
  • Working with IPS Protections
  • Working with AV/ABOT Protections
  • Threat Prevention Custom Profiles & Policy Layers
  • Updatable Geo Objects & Geo Protection/Policy
  • HTTPS Inspection - Best Practices & Troubleshooting
  • Log Analysis, Packet Captures & Creating Exceptions/Exclusions
  • Threat Prevention Correlated Views & Reports with SmartEvent
  • IPS/AV/ABOT Updates and How to Roll Back Problematic Updates
  • Threat Prevention Monitoring & Alerts
  • Advanced IPS/AV/ABOT Features & Troubleshooting Techniques
  • Threat Prevention Performance Optimization
  • Autonomous Threat Prevention Management

In addition to the videos, this course includes an unencumbered, DRM-free, searchable 421-page PDF document containing all content presented during the lecture segments, and the step-by-step instructions for all lab exercises shown in the videos.  This PDF is a great future reference to quickly locate the content you require, instead of wasting your time trying to skip through videos to find it. 

For those that may have purchased the R80.40 version of the IPS/AV/ABOT course, included with your purchase will be a text file called CHANGES_R8120.txt which documents approximately 75 areas of the R81.20 course version by page number that feature all-new content or heavily revised sections.  The new R81.20 version of the course has 39 more pages of content than the older R80.40 version of this course.

Get your IPS/Anti-Virus/Anti-Bot Threat Prevention blades tuned up and working the way they should be on your Check Point gateways today!

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